Cloud Computing Architecture: Frontend and Backend Explained


Find out what cloud computing architecture truly means in this super easy beginner’s guide. The cloud is now the de facto way for companies to expand their operations. This quick video guide explains what cloud computing is all about and provides easy to understand answers to your questions, which includes –  what is cloud computing architecture, components of front end architecture, backend architecture and its framework, cloud deployment models and the future of cloud computing.

Watch the complete video here:


0:00Opens a new window –  What is cloud computing architecture?  

0:24Opens a new window –  What is front end architecture and its key components?

1:57Opens a new window –  What is backend architecture?

3:47Opens a new window –  What are the key elements of cloud security?

4:33Opens a new window –  What is a delivery system?

5:06Opens a new window –  Types of cloud deployment models

5:54Opens a new window –  Why is cloud computing architecture relevant today?

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