Elon Musk Slams Meta’s WhatsApp for Unauthorized Access to Microphones

  • A bug has been discovered in WhatsApp that gives it access to an Android phone’s microphone even when the app is closed.
  • WhatsApp responded to the issue by claiming that the problem originated from Android, not the app.

A bug discovered in WhatsApp has raised concerns regarding the app’s security. WhatsApp has stated that a bug in Android platforms is responsible for misattributing data on privacy dashboards, making it seem like the app can access the microphone even when not in use. The issue gained attention after being tweeted about by a Twitter engineer and a response by Elon Musk, who stated, “WhatsApp cannot be trusted.”

The issue has raised concerns over WhatsApp’s privacy policies. However, the company has refuted the accusations, stating the users had complete control over the settings of their device’s microphone, with WhatsApp only accessing the microphone when recording video or voice notes. Google has responded, stating that it is looking into the matter.

The company responded with a tweet asserting that the problem arose from an Android bug and has asked Google to investigate the problem and generate a remedy. However, this is not the only issue with the IM platform. The instant messaging app has faced several issues in the last few months, including login problems and bugs that allowed malicious actors to plant malware on user devices remotely.

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Twitter To Include WhatsApp-Like Features

In related news, Elon Musk announced details about new features that are set to be added to the platform, including encrypted messaging and audio/video calls. The move is expected to be a part of Musk’s plan to turn Twitter into an ‘everything app.’

Musk has stated that encrypted direct messages and emoji reactions will be available starting Wednesday but did not provide details on encrypted calling options. Toward this end, the company is also archiving and deleting inactive accounts.

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