Enhancing Employee Experience for the New Normal Through a Strategic Alliance – Deloitte and ServiceNow


A lot of new initiatives, processes, and programs are being discussed and planned for the “New Normal.” Organizations are utilizing this phase, which is relatively slow for business, to advance their internal systems such that they can restart work but with steps that take into account the new conditions in the world. When various countries announced the sudden lockdown, there were two challenges that organizations faced – preparing for all employees to work virtually and planning for teams as well as business functions to be able to collaborate seamlessly. The natural implications of these were identifying how to provide an excellent digital experience that mitigates the cons of these two situations.

Deloitte and ServiceNowOpens a new window have now extended the Strategic Alliance Agreement that they entered into in 2019, to enable faster digital transformation for organizations. The extension involves increasing efforts towards improving the digital experience of employees through HR Service Delivery (HRSD), which is a platform designed to simplify the access of employees to HR service and make the experienceOpens a new window a great one. The reason for this extension is that the HRSD solution is in sync with Deloitte’s market-leading Human Capital and HR Transformation offering, and by integrating these offerings, the two organizations can provide a unified and multiprocess employee experience. The Now Platform allows for interdepartmental coordination and smooth flow of work processes.

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Whether organizations choose this alliance for their employee experience needs or any other service provider, it can offer a range of benefits.

How Does an Integrated and Simple Service Delivery Platform Help HR Teams?

1. HR teams are free to focus on strategic work as compared to operational or repetitive tasks

With a good service delivery platform, many employee requests and queries can be categorized, and the standard responses documented. This can lower the response time and ensure that all requests are managed without huge effort. In addition, some key HR processes that have a direct impact on employees and their experience, such as onboardingOpens a new window , offboarding, and movement into new roles, are also manageable virtually with the least disruption.

2. Multifunctional coordination can be seamless

If the platform is integrated with other functions, they can coordinate without friction. This becomes crucial at a time when physical interactions or meetings are impossible. Being able to connect and work from anywhere is the new way of working. Teams can be distributed across the world, and if they cannot collaborate efficiently, the result could be a serious loss of business.

3. HR can use the available analytics to identify trends in the existing talent pool

HR teams can use the data and insights available to make decisions or assess gaps that need to be corrected. Even areas such as diversity and metrics related to it are available on specific platforms. Such information reduces bias or intuition-based decisions at work.

What Is the Impact of a Positive Service Delivery Experience on Employees?

1. Employees can find the responses to their queries quickly

This reduces the time spent in looking for help. That has a direct impact on both productivity as well as engagement. It gives them a single and straightforward platform for their needs, which allows them to realign their time to more meaningful work.

2. Workflows can be better defined

In the absence of meetings or discussions where the flow of work or projects can be clarified, the workflows that such a platform allows an employee to define can be of great help to other team members. This can improve the understanding of employees who are usually from different functional areas but working on the same assignment. This can reduce the silos that exist due to various functions operating separately without a common understanding.

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Solutions that are similar to the ServiceNow and Deloitte platforms are Workday Journeys, SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM), and some others, but they are not identical in their purpose.