Equinix Acquires Bare Metal Leader Packet to Develop Hybrid Multicloud Deployment Solutions


Interconnection services provider Equinix has acquired bare metal automation company Packet to develop new interconnection solutions for businesses to help them deploy digital infrastructure via physical or virtual interconnections while enjoying robust integration with the public cloud.

The $335 million acquisition of Packet allows EquinixOpens a new window to blend its proprietary platform with Packet’s bare metal automation technology and create improved solutions to help businesses carry out hybrid multi cloud deployments while retaining the option of choosing consumption models of their choice to maximize efficiency.

The addition of bare metal automation to its stack also allows Equinix to enable its cloud partners to accelerate global hybrid cloud deployments, reduce the time to market for deployments, and enable new use cases that require both public cloud and private infrastructure.

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Zachary Smith, who previously served as the CEO of Packet and is now the Managing Director of Bare Metal at Equinix, told Toolbox that as part of the new setup, he will lead combined bare metal efforts and leverage the strengths of both Packet and Equinix to help digital businesses seamlessly deploy on Platform Equinix.

“The Packet acquisition represents a bold move to accelerate our strategy for helping enterprises quickly and seamlessly deploy hybrid multicloud architectures on Platform Equinix,” said Sara Baack, Chief Product Officer at Equinix.

“By combining Packet’s innovative and agile bare metal automation technology with our dynamic data center and interconnection platform, we can offer our customers an alternate, agile way to deploy and consume private digital infrastructure. This approach will make it easier for our customers to extract greater value from our rich ecosystems, superior global reach and the interconnection platform,” she added.

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Over the past few years, Equinix has carried out a number of acquisitions to establish itself as a leading data center platform- offering data center and interconnection solutions to companies in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

Its list of acquisitions include that of Japanese firm Bit-Isle to double the number of its data centers in Japan, its acquisition of 29 data centers in 15 markets from Verizon for $3.6 billion, the acquisition of Itconic in 2017 to establish data centers in Spain and Portugal, and the acquisition of Australian company Metronode to add ten data centers in Australia to its overall inventory.

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