Free Network Monitoring Tool from Zero Networks Offers Unprecedented Visibility


TrustMeter, the new network monitoring tool from Zero Networks, maps all the risks- including data and VPN- that an enterprise network faces. These risks help organizations monitor and analyze the security status comprehensively instead of blindly trusting that a system is safe.

Zero-trust networking pioneer Zero Network announced the launch ofTrustMeter, a new free tool to help organizations better understand how much excessive network access exists within their network.

In a recent conversation with Toolbox, Galeal Zino, CEO and founder of NetFoundry has reminded us Opens a new window that “Zero trust networking was nice to have. Now it is business-critical. Apps and users need to be secure, across any set of internet links, edges, and clouds.”

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With assets being more prone to attacks and an increased dilution in security due to a majority of employees working remotely,, Zero-trust network securityOpens a new window has become more urgent than ever. A reportOpens a new window from Kaspersky highlights the risk, finding that over 75% of employees don’t have appropriate or adequate cybersecurity guidance and training to protect themselves.

In an exclusive comment to Toolbox, Benny Lakunishok, CEO ofZero Networks said, “With the click of a button, Zero Networks’ new, free tool – TrustMeter – will show organizations just how much an attacker will be able to access when inside their network. This unprecedented visibility will enable companies to take measures to get ahead of cyberattackers, contain their impact, and bring trust back to the network.”

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TrustMeter’s Area of Impact

  • The risks remote workers are introducing to the network (VPN risk)
  • Where all an attacker can spread once they have taken control over one client machine inside the network
  • What could be accessed if any server is compromised (data center breach)

The tool measures and maps risks within an organization and generates reports that provide clear indicators for all the above scenarios, as well as detailed information on the composition of IP ranges and assets in the environment. .

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