High Tech Business Recruiting


With the employment rate in the US still hovering around 60 percent, many human resource management teams today are facing the escalating challenge of keeping their companies fully staffed. To meet that challenge, businesses are turning to technology solutions to help them find the best talent with the right skills.

Some larger enterprises have already adopted a complete human capital management system that can handle talent acquisition, management and optimization. For enterprises that do not want to implement a full HCM solution, there are many applications designed to handle only particular aspects of HR management, such as recruitment.

JazzHR specializes in recruiting software for small and medium-sized businesses. In late December, JazzHR announced a new integrated partnership with Clover, a solutions provider that offers point-of-sale systems enabling small and growing businesses to accelerate their recruitment campaigns.

Thanks to this integration with JazzHR, Clover customers will now have access to an all-in-one system designed specifically for SMBs in the retail and restaurant space. Users will be able to incorporate recruiting efforts into their existing business processes. It gives HR associates the ability to create and post jobs and then track candidates throughout the hiring process.

Clover clients will be able to manage their employees in real time and handle key retail activities, including taking orders and accepting payments, all from the Clover POS system. The Clover App Marketplace will also make it possible for users to integrate with other third-party business solutions in addition to JazzHR.

The Virtual HR Associate

noHold is a privately held company headquartered in Milpitas, Calif. They market web-based self-service solutions designed to provide virtual customer support that can mimic real human interactions. Their latest offering is called the HR Advisor, an AI virtual assistant designed to augment the way employees can interact with their HR department.

HR Advisor can answer the employee questions that typically congest workforce management efforts. According to promotional literature, HR Advisor can be built in minutes without any programming skills. Users simply upload their current employee handbook into noHold’s QuickStart platform. The software does the rest of the work, automatically transforming any employee handbook into a virtual assistant capable of responding across the most common workforce concerns.

The virtual assistant not only answers questions normally handled by an HR associate, it also automatically captures all employee feedback surrounding their most pressing human resource concerns, so employers can turn that feedback into actionable metrics.

Lead Generation Engine Streamlines Workforce Management

UK-based iXceed Solutions specializes in HR technology that promises to deliver a powerful end-to-end recruitment solution. iXceed has just launched a new feature across India called LeadGenNxt. This is their latest lead generation engine, designed to handle every aspect of the talent prospecting process.

LeadGenNxt automatically creates a global database of the top candidates available and then facilitates contact with them via social platform posts, emails and phone calls. Like dozens of other workforce solutions providers, iXceed Solutions believes that technology with an emphasis on AI is the key to finding and managing the best talent in today’s global recruitment space.

Why Mobile?

Most job candidates today expect to communicate with prospective employers on their mobile phones and devices. StaffConnect is a solutions provider focused on mobile employee engagement solutions for the deskless workforce. StaffConnect just introduced Series 3, the latest version of their SaaS platform.

The Series 3 version offers clients an easy and intuitive way to engage and communicate with employees via any mobile. It accomplishes this by delivering personalized content across all available communication channels. The StaffConnect Series 3 Enhanced Analytics are designed to give organizations insights based on real time measurements into the effectiveness of their current engagement strategies, all in an effort to improve the employee experience.

A New Recruiting Tool for Real Estate Brokers

The housing market is expected to experience modest growth in 2020, slowed but not stopped by the shortage of homes available for sale. Many high-volume markets across the country are also facing a shortage of the real estate brokers needed to sell the inventory they have. Some brokerages are still using dated or poorly designed recruiting tools that don’t capture the attention of the latest tech-savvy generation of real estate professionals.

Just last month 1000watt, a popular creative agency serving the real estate industry, announced a new partnership with Active Pipe, a software company specializing in email and web marketing platforms for real estate brokerages. That partnership will facilitate a modern recruiting solution designed for today’s real estate brokerage companies.

1000watt starts by crafting a custom recruiting campaign that boasts a complete messaging platform, including a dedicated email and landing page. Each campaign is tailored to a brokerage’s specific target audience and market landscape and is then implemented on the Active Pipe platform, which includes complete recruitment performance tracking. 1000watt promises that brokers can expect a compelling, fully implemented campaign within two months.

Whatever the industry sector, talent management teams today are embracing technologies like AI and machine learning in the race to uncover credible and high-quality candidates.