How To Simplify the Recruitment Process Using ATS


With changing times, the age-old manual hiring process is increasingly proving difficult and ineffective. The entire hiring cycle might be time-intensive, starting with locating the best candidate and ending with their final onboarding. But today’s applicant tracking systems can help.

The world of work and hiring is changing fast. Traditional ways of hiring are inefficient as they involve manual hiring, ineffective teamwork, and communication chasms between the recruiting staff and candidates. However, modern recruitment platforms can improve hiring efficiency. According to the study by CapterraOpens a new window , 94% of hiring managers said that using online recruitment software positively affects their organization. 

ATS as a Part of Recruiting Strategy

The HR industry has significantly transformed due to technological advancements, particularly in talent management. Talent management organizations can now automate their procedures with little to no manual involvement, thanks to the emergence of recruitment automation. Applicant tracking systems can transform and automate the manual processes in a recruitment cycle, saving substantial time for recruiters. Users may now do away with manual, decentralized email threads and paper processes by utilizing features like automated communications and a centralized lifecycle.

The applicant tracking system (ATS) facilitates communication between recruiting and hiring teams, centralizes open job information, and produces actionable reports. There is no denying the advantages of employing recruiting software. According to TalentLyftOpens a new window , 86% of recruiters who utilize software tools can employ more quickly, and 78% claim that hiring software raises the caliber of the prospects they hire.

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Selecting the Right Recruitment Software

As a leader in recruiting or human resources, selecting the appropriate applicant tracking system is one of the most crucial choices you can make. The ideal solution not only meets your demands but also helps you hire faster, hire better candidates, engage more employees, improve the reputation of your department and business, and even assist your organization in accomplishing its goals. The hiring process may be disorganized and decentralized for organizations that do not put much work into choosing their ATS system, which may lead candidates and hiring managers to doubt their expertise. 

According to 68%Opens a new window of recruiters, investing in new recruiting technology is the best strategy to increase recruiting performance over the next five years. How do you choose the finest recruiting software for your company when so many options are available?

Identify your key recruitment challenges and define goals

Recognize your goals before incorporating recruiting tools into your hiring procedure. What difficulties will your tool assist you going past? Many businesses use recruiting software to increase the number of applicants to their careers pages, enhance how recruiters engage passive candidates, or decrease the new hire turnover rate. To narrow down your search for recruiting software, set a clear objective.

Determine the features of the required software

Identify the features that your software application must have. Your tool must integrate with your current platforms and data sources, including social media, email, job boards, staffing platforms from third parties, and any recruiting tools you may currently utilize. What more must your tool be able to do to support your hiring objective? Solutions should have some reporting and analytics capability to enable you to determine whether your hiring process is getting better. Check the reports’ clarity to see whether you require more assistance to set up the collection of data from all your sources.

Analyze vendor track record and pricing

The cost of recruitment software is one of the most significant and critical aspects to consider. Others may charge you by the hiring manager, others by the hire, and some by both. It is a good idea to make a few alternative cost estimates for recruiting software so that you may compare prices regardless of what may come up, eliminating any potential surprises. In addition to pricing and features, it is critical to understand the vendor’s standing in the marketplace. The cost of software varies depending on the source, but it is crucial to understand the cost differences between in-house and cloud-based recruitment tools.

Why Companies Should Use an ATS

Here are a few reasons for using an applicant tracking system to speed up your hiring operations:

It saves time and money

By automating processes, recruiters can spend less time scheduling calls, sorting through resumes, and keeping track of all applicants. You take far too long logging in and out of various recruitment tools. When connected to your applicant tracking system (ATS), your recruiting tech stack solutions that encourage efficiency and time savings include background checks, reference checks, and AI-powered sourcing. ATS enables you to monitor the origins of your top candidates. They, therefore, enable you to avoid spending money on channels that are not necessary and do not provide adequate value.

It creates a positive candidate experience

According to HubspotOpens a new window , 78% of candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive indicates how a company values its people. The candidate experience is exceptional when an ATS is AI-powered. With automated sourcing, screening, scheduling, and onboarding processes, applicant tracking software streamline time management and the recruiting process. All of this can be done quickly and efficiently with AI as it is centralized. Recruiters, candidates, and organizations all benefit from an intelligent ATS.

It improves the quality of hire and hiring speed 

The impossible becomes possible with a modern ATS. It can improve all of your recruitment KPIs in addition to assisting you in finding qualified applicants more quickly. By utilizing the power of AI, automation, and cutting-edge technology, ATS enables you to breeze through the hiring process quickly.

In Conclusion

An applicant tracking system can assist you in automating, improving, and monitoring your hiring process so you can find the ideal candidate for the position, regardless of how big or small your business is. Hiring teams can coordinate messages to all candidates for open opportunities using recruiting tools. The proper software used in the right situation has a good effect on your business. So, the smartest HR choice you can make for your company is to use an ATS.

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