MOVE Guides Rebrands as Topia to Help Brands Attract, Deploy and Manage Mobile Workforce


San Francisco: Delivering on its commitment to enable companies and their employees to Work Everywhere, global mobility management (GMM) company MOVE Guides today announced it has a new brand: Topia. The rebrand represents the company’s global identity and the company’s role helping the brands attract, deploy and manage their global, mobile workforce in a way that’s responsive to both individuals and employers. 

“Global mobility is a key ingredient in building an agile organization that’s able to respond quickly to market demands on a global scale,” said Brynne Kennedy, Topia CEO and founder. “Topia uniquely delivers this strategic capability with a product suite that helps companies make smart decisions and provides a single source of truth across every aspect of managing the global workforce.”

Topia, which means “place” in Greek, conveys the company’s mission to partner with companies to remove barriers between people and places, enabling business agility by efficiently moving employees to the places they need to be around the world.

The new name, logo, website and positioning comes on the heels of a watershed year in the company’s history, defined by two strategic acquisitions, key leadership expansion, exceptional customer growth and adoption, and numerous industry accolades for its category-defining platform.

“This new brand captures the modern, disruptive and ‘whole person’ approach that Topia is bringing to the traditional mobility industry,” said Joanna Rees, Manager Partner of WEST | SF, the creative firm behind Topia’s rebrand. “It’s exciting to help such an innovative company develop an identity that will carry them forward through their next phase of growth and beyond.”

Topia’s suite of GMM technology and services is the industry’s only unified solution for the global mobility ecosystem including assignment management, relocation management, financial scenario planning, expatriate payroll and compensation, cost and quality of life data, immigration data and a consumer-like employee experience.

  • Topia Manage: The single source of truth for all mobility program data, Topia Manage allows mobility teams to manage and leverage automated and configured workflows and automated document generation for assignments to drive visibility, efficiency and compliance. Teams can generate reports and drill into the details to meet business needs.
  • Topia Plan: An automated financial analysis tool for complex scenario planning across destinations and policies, Topia Plan combines relocation supply chain and destination cost data with built-in tax and compensation logic to provide companies with fast and accurate cost projections and scenario planning for global mobility. Teams can make informed decisions, justify and stay within budgets, and execute moves quicker.
  • Topia Move: A technology-first relocation management solution, Topia Move brings together modern software tools for both HR and relocating employees. The solution includes Topia Relocation Services, including Topia’s network of global relocation service providers, worldwide billing and expense management services, and a team of dedicated Topia Advocates assisting employees to complete the moves from idea to destination.
  • Topia Pay: Built on Topia’s proprietary tax engine, Topia Pay provides integrates with global payroll systems, generates payroll instructions for expatriates and runs comprehensive compensation collection.  With highly configurable rules and cost codings, Topia Pay enables total cost reporting and greater expatriate efficiency and compliance. 
  • Topia Go: A consumer-like employee application, Topia Go provides employees with a dynamic task list, engaging destination information and unique cost and quality of life data across 60 different dimensions. The portal’s unique City Guides pair editorial content mixed with visual content and data widgets about employees’ new city and new office.

With mounting technology changes, changing employee demographics and rapid technology advances from artificial intelligence, it is increasingly critical for companies to develop agile workforces. Topia’s holistic approach to global mobility enables an agile workforce, informing domestic and international talent mobility planning, reducing the manual processes and unifying data for both forward-looking analytics and compliance management. Topia is the global mobility suite that makes agility a reality.

“Topia’s approach to global mobility management is, without a doubt, the next big thing in HR tech and will redefine how agile companies operate a successful global talent strategy at scale,” said Mike Ettling, Topia board member. “In many ways, the company and its potential remind me of both Workday and SuccessFactors who not only defined a new category but became the dominant HCM platform leaders in the market.”