DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift features many different real-world practices – some people-related, some process-related, some technology-related – to facilitate successful DevOps, and in turn OpenShift, adoption within your organization. It introduces many DevOps concepts and tools to connect culture and practice through a continuous loop of discovery, pivots, and delivery underpinned by a foundation of collaboration and software engineering.
Containers and container-centric application lifecycle management are now an industry standard, and OpenShift has a leading position in a flourishing market of enterprise Kubernetes-based product offerings. DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift provides a roadmap for building empowered product teams within your organization.
This guide brings together lean, agile, design thinking, DevOps, culture, facilitation, and hands-on technical enablement all in one book. Through a combination of real-world stories, a practical case study, facilitation guides, and technical implementation details, DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift provides tools and techniques to build a DevOps culture within your organization on Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform.