Remote Payroll Processing Simplified: Infor Launches Integrated Payroll Module


Through the Infor Go mobile app, HR will be able to review employee paychecks and process payroll.

With the shift to remote work, organizations rapidly increased the pace of digitizing their business processes. If they hadn’t already, people processes had to become completely paperless and technology-based. While HR’s sub-functions such as recruitment have been faster to adopt technology, some other functions have grown at a slower pace, such as payroll.Opens a new window Typically, many organizations have outsourced their payroll processing to vendors with just a few steps done internally. With the shift to virtual work, higher levels of internal payroll processing capabilities are needed.

InforOpens a new window , a business cloud software, has launched its new payroll module for Infor Global Human Resources (Global HR). This module aims to provide in-house payroll processing capabilities, along with multiple options for service partners. This will give internal HR teams the support they need to manage back-end payroll processes, including employment tax filing, wage payments, wage garnishments, and other value-added services.

Matthew Bragstad, Infor vice president of HCM strategy and product management, said, “Work is changing. Jobs and roles are changing. And technology needs to evolve alongside these shifts. Infor is able to provide customers with a strong foundation for payroll processing, across a multitude of industries, based off a product that has been in use for decades, but has now been rewritten on a modern multi-tenant architecture.”

One feature that sets the module apart is the Infor Go mobile app. Through this app, an organization’s staff can review employee paychecks and some level of employee information on their mobile devices directly. HR teams can also process payroll and other tasks on their phones and tablets from anywhere. This is a crucial step since, traditionally, payroll management has been done separately and with minimal involvement from HR. Creating single platforms such as this for all HR functions is the way forward.

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Several payroll processing systems and apps are available to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Here is a look at some of the others and how they work.

1. CloudPayOpens a new window : CloudPay is a unified global payroll process, which also has internal guidelines adapted to local pay related compliance. It also connects with existing HR and finance software to allow for secure web services and data exchanges. It does not have a mobile app.

2. PeopleStrongOpens a new window : PeopleStrong’s payroll management software covers all key steps, such as payroll administration and report generation. One of its significant features is the comprehensive employee self-service. Employees can quickly scan and upload reimbursement bills, access their payslips, and know about their tax liabilities as well as loan deductions.

3. Paychex FlexOpens a new window : This app allows companies to manage payroll and benefits. It also enables HR teams to make changes to employee data directly, and companies in growth mode usually prefer it. Paychex has also launched several new featuresOpens a new window recently, such as the tool to respond to employee queries, upgrades to improve employer-leader discussions, OSHA dashboard for compliance, and templates to save time.

4. ADPOpens a new window : ADP payroll works as a mobile app but in a limited manner. While it has one for employers and another one for employees, the former allows payroll processing to ensure timely payment. Changes to any pay rate data or employee information cannot be made within the app.

The above list is indicative and not an exhaustive one. There are many others, such as UltiPro, Paypro Workforce Management, Gusto, TriNet, Kronos Workforce Ready, Workday Human Capital Management, Ceridian Dayforce, Oracle PeopleSoft HCM, and Zenefits.

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In a world where remote work will reign supreme, there are two main parameters for choosing a payroll management system. The first is efficiency and ease of use of the platform remotely and on other devices, such as mobiles and tablets. The second is how efficiently the vendor or service provider continues to upgrade the payroll technology – including compliance with ever-changing payroll laws – to remain relevant for its clients.