ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Website Virtual Assistant

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Website Virtual Assistant

Key Details

Sped up customer support response threefold and improved customer support satisfaction.

  • Challenge
    Automated round-the-clock personalized client support with decreased operational costs
  • Solution
    Prompt engineering of ChatGPT-4 model to build an AI conversational chatbot
  • Technologies and tools
    OpenAI (embedding, GPT-4), AWS (Lambda, S3, RDS+pgvector), SAM, CI/CD, CRM Pipedrive-API


At ESSID Solutions, we performed ChatGPT prompt engineering for our own website virtual assistant. As an AI & Big data service provider, we recognize the significance of quality customer support at any stage of the clients’ relationships and development process.

In search of an innovative tool to interact with our website visitors and potential clients in a more intelligent, personalized, and conversational manner, we opted for a ChatGPT-4 model and deployed it as a virtual website assistant.

ESSID Solutions chose to implement the smart chatbot trained on the website data about the services of the company to achieve advanced conversational client support and generate more complex and nuanced automated responses.

Challenge: automated round-the-clock personalized client support with decreased operational costs

The ESSID Solutions team was challenged with customizing the GPT-4 flow and integrating specific documents with use cases to build our own Conversational AI chatbot for business process automation and customer human-like interaction. The solution must handle more complex queries and provide personalized experiences based on collected data. It also should support the lead generation process by capturing and qualifying incoming leads.

GPT-3 already used 175 billion parameters to gauge the connections within contexts. At the same time, its successor GPT-4 has been upgraded to the extent that it can pass a simulated bar exam in the top 10%. ESSID Solutions, a large language consulting company, was tasked with customizing the latest advanced GPT-4 model on the proprietary data to scale customer experiences and reduce bounce rate by offering personalized and convenient customer engagement.

Solution: prompt engineering of ChatGPT-4 model to build an AI conversational chatbot

The main objective of ChatGPT prompt engineering was to make customer service more flexible and personalized owing to the top-notch technologies of the 4th GPT model.

ESSID Solutions customized the existing ChatGPT toolkit, vectorizing documents for use in ChatGPT to serve the business’s needs. Any business that is also looking for ways to scale up the company, automate Q&A processes, and decrease operational costs, should consider implementing GenAI solutions.

After performing thorough research, our team has built a ChatGPT-based virtual assistant with cutting-edge NLP technologies. The project was split into the following phases:

  • Set up algorithms and install the necessary libraries
  • Prompt engineering of GPT-4 (OpenAI) for specific chat flow
  • Documents entities retrieve and vectorize for document search
  • Integrating external services to chatbot: email sending, CRM Pipedrive system
  • Preparing CI/CD process via SAM and deploying chatbot to AWS serverless architecture.

chatgpt fine tuning chat

chatgpt fine tuning phone

Result: сost-efficient and personalized assistance with client queries of higher complexity

The result of our work is a fine-tuned ChatGPT-4 virtual website assistant that uses deep learning algorithms and massive datasets to help ESSID Solutions website visitors get assistance with both quick and complex queries about the services and expertise of the company, as well as with arranging the calls with sales representatives based on location. Additionally, the implemented solution allowed ESSID Solutions to benefit in multiple directions:

  • Cut operational costs
  • Boost client engagement and loyalty
  • Reduce wait time and optimize the client-agent interaction
  • Reduce time from first interaction to the call arrangement
  • Automate leads generation process
  • Achieve optimal resolution times and customer service efficiency.

Today’s high-end virtual assistants open up new possibilities for providing top-quality customer service and bring benefits for both sides. ChatGPT integration solutions for your business will help handle client queries faster with reduced expenses. In turn, customers will have their specific questions answered and get to the development process more promptly.