Marketing Campaign Performance Optimization

Marketing Campaign Performance Optimization

Key Details

Ad management unified and optimized.

  • Challenge
    Unified cross-channel ad management & optimization
  • Solution
    Integrated ads management, optimization & forecasting
  • AWS:
    RDS (Maria DB), EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, VPC, Cloud Formation, SNS, SQS, AWS Batch, Amazon SageMaker, Lambda, Route53
  • Back-end:
    Java, Spring Boot, REST, MySQL, Python, Docker
  • Front-end:
    React, React-router v4, Redux, Redux-sagas, I18next


The Client is an E-commerce provider who has previously worked with our team on creating a predictive analytics platform. This time, the Client’s goal was to meet the business needs of the platform users and accelerate their growth with intelligent commerce.

To maximize sales and customer acquisition, the Client requested developing a module for automated ad campaign tracking and optimization derived from the data aggregated from Shopify, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.
The module had to take over the typical ad creation flow, analytics, budgets allocation and use machine learning to optimize marketing performance, forecast results, and enhance customer segmentation and targeting.

Challenge: unified cross-channel ad management & optimization

Our team was challenged to create a multi-channel marketing automation tool that helps manage and enhance ad performance based on automated audits of users’ online stores and current advertising initiatives and objectives.
The tool was to rely on integrated data insights collected from multiple marketing channels, including Shopify, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. The marketing suite also had to enable the user to create and manage multiple ad campaigns across channels within an all-in-one interface.

One of the main challenges was creating an automation tool that optimizes marketing spending according to the campaign results and produces accurate predictions about ad performance based on inventory, sales, and traffic data as well as according to the advertising strategy chosen.

Solution: integrated ads management, optimization & forecasting

Following our Client’s needs and requirements, our team of engineers delivered an intelligent campaign management module with a comprehensive set of analytical and forecasting capabilities.

The system delivers an optimized advertising strategy based on unique marketing data collected from users’ marketing assets. The campaign management module covers end-to-end campaign management.

The ESSID Solutions team started by developing the audit system needed for personalizing campaigns according to unique user needs:

  • The system first analyzes the user’s current ad initiatives to collect unique input associated with marketing campaigns.
  • The system collects and saves unique ad descriptors (keywords, descriptions, headlines) associated with the user’s current campaigns to further generate relevant recommendations.

As a result, users have a comprehensive understanding of the current ad performance across multiple channels, customer locations, and other metrics. Users can also see current improvement areas to make their marketing initiatives more profitable and cost-efficient.

Our team of ML engineers developed a forecasting algorithm that uses historical data and input parameters to predict the success of upcoming ad campaigns:

  • The algorithm estimates the overall revenue based on goal revenue, advertising budget, and period.
  • The module also calculates the feasibility of the expected campaign results.
  • The system identifies opportunities for budget optimization.

As the output, users can automatically generate a personalized campaign strategy optimized to their budget, goal expectations, and forecasts.

ESSID Solutions delivered an automated ad launching pipeline that takes over the end-to-end process of ads management:

  • Users get access to unified ad management within an all-in-one interface.
  • The system generates primary campaign projections to set the expectations for the campaign performance.
  • The system performs initial budget allocation according to the algorithm and automatically adjusts budgets allocated to different channels.

We allocated over 10 specialists to build a marketing automation tool. The team consisted of back-end developers, a business analyst, data scientists, and other roles that were necessary to deliver the project. It took our team 18 months to design, build, and deploy the solution.

Intelligent Campaign Management Data Flow:

marketing campaign optimization scheme

Result: consolidated ad management with analytics & budget optimization

The Client can now provide an intelligent commerce tool to store owners for campaign automation and competitive marketing. The tool covers all steps of creating and optimizing a winning ad campaign based on real-time and historical data analysis.

Users can get an advertising audit with observations and recommendations to increase performance as well as access personalized forecasting with machine learning predictions based on historical data.

The module also supports automated ad creation with machine-built content for Google search ads, while automating bid adjustments and budget allocation across multiple advertising channels.

Our solution perfectly met the following Client’s business needs:

  • Automating marketing tasks of business owners;
  • Reducing marketing spend;
  • Increasing campaign performance;
  • Providing unified ad serving and analytics.