In this tutorial, we offer a selection of some of the best open-source database managers, with pros and cons of each.

The Apache Cassandra installation on Ubuntu is a 5-step process. We go in-depth to explain each and every step from start to you working in the CL shell.

Tutorial is jam-packed with screenshots for each step of Cassandra installation on Windows 10. In this ultimate resource, Learn how to download, set up, and install Cassandra on Windows.

Cassandra allows you to create different kinds of tables.This guide shows how to create a table, and how to use alter, drop, and truncate commands.

Need more information about NoSQL databases Cassandra vs MongoDB? Learn about the similarities and differences between Cassandra and MongoDB.

Learn how to create a keyspace in Cassandra by following the steps in this guide. The tutorial also shows you how to use, alter, and delete a keyspace.

Cassandra supports a number of data types. Learn which built-in, collection and user-defined data types you can use in Apache Cassandra.