Weekly HR Tech Product Watch: WorkJam Launches ExpressPay for Front-Line Workers, and More


A roundup of the latest product launches by WorkJam, BountyJobs, Envoy, Nexthink, and Evolve IP

WorkJam launches ExpressPay functionality for front-line workers

WorkJam is the digital platform for front-line employees, and its ExpressPay functionality allows them to access their pay before payday. Under the usual payment cycle, employees have to wait for two weeks before they can access their pay, which creates financial stress. ExpressPay allows employees to receive a portion of their earnings as early as the same day of work, and that, in turn, results in better employee engagementOpens a new window .

This is a critical way to empower employees toward planning for their financial well-being.

BountyJobs, the world’s largest recruiter marketplace, announces its new product for Contingent Labor Recruiting Management

BountyJobs has been a significant conduit between large companies and third-party firms that help them with their recruitmentOpens a new window requirements. It already has products and services for vendor management and contingent labor. But through this product, BountyJobs aims to bring all third-party activity in one single place. That will cover direct hires as well as contingent labor recruitment by firms through new as well as old vendors without any separate process.

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Envoy unveils the public beta version of its mobile app Envoy Protect

This comes at a time when organizations are focusing on how to reopen their workplaces safely. The app has a range of features, such as assessing employee health, contact tracing, and capacity management. Employee health and safety are top priorities for companies. The private beta version saw more than 2,000 companies signing up and participating in it. The open beta now contains the above features and is designed to ensure great user experience. Several organizations are now looking at technologies and toolsOpens a new window that can enable them to reopen the workplaces with the right measures in place.

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Nexthink launches its Experience Platform and empowers IT teams

Nexthink’s launch will help IT teams to shift from reactive problem-solving to a proactive approach. With this launch, Nexthink meets an essential need from the employee end for better and relevant experiences from the IT team. The importance of digital expertise has increased in the current situation where most interactions are virtual. The Nexthink Experience platform gives IT professionals an employee’s perspective about devices, applications, and networks. That ensures that the solutions they provide are more aligned to their internal customersOpens a new window – the employees.

The platform also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data and guide the IT team on the root causes as well as ranking the issues by priority.

“We need to make sure IT stays up and running smoothly, especially now when teams are dispersed across work from home environments. To do this, we need to be able to see where our employees are struggling and what their experiences are. We’re excited about what Nexthink is doing with these latest developments – we’re going to be able to gain visibility into issues, correlate them and problem solve, ideally before an employee even notices they have occurred. This will help our employees remain productive and engaged, while IT focuses on future digital transformation.” – Martijn Cappel, Head of End User Services, ABN AMRO

Evolve IP introduces the Work Anywhere Officeâ„¢

The platform has been launched to meet the rapidly growing demand for seamless work from home solutions and better talent managementOpens a new window . It is the only platform that can integrate desktops, collaboration, and even communications in the form of phone systems. The system is designed to empower employees to work without any challenges from anywhere. Through this platform, Evolve IP provides organizations with a secure solution for a long-term strategy toward remote working.
The platform ensures productivity for remote workers, gives organizations the option to hire the right talent anywhere, and focuses on device security.

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