Why is Accenture Interested in NATS and Edge computing?


Accenture Ventures’ investment in Synadia and NATS.io aims to future-proof data communications across distributed cloud architectures, on-premises, web, mobile, and IoT environments.

Cloud applications and microservices in an ever-so-complex distributed system need robust, secure, and cross-platform communication software to support the easy exchange of data within applications. Enter ‘message brokers’ – a software that serves as an inter-application communication channel, enabling apps to communicate with each other even if they are written in different languages or developed on various platforms. Due to its scalability, resiliency, and security, NATS is a reliable inter-application communication platform for modern distributed systems, used by prominent enterprise users such as Siemens, Mastercard, Alibaba, VMWare, HTC and Baidu.

Popular message brokers designed for modern distributed applications include Kafka, NATS.io, RabbitMQ, and ActiveMQ. And this week, Accenture Ventures made a strategic investment in Synadia and its NATS.io project.

What is NATS.io?

NATS.io is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project created by Synadia Communications. It is an open source, high performance messaging platform written in Go language, developed for secure communications across cloud-native applications, IoT messaging, and microservices architectures. It supports publisher-subscriber (pub/sub), request-reply, and messaging queue messaging models and also supports about 12 languages of a maximum message size 1 MB.

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NATS.io to Drive Edge Computing

The proliferation of IoT devices has led to the rise of edge computingOpens a new window (a framework where data computing is done closer to the data source or devices). Edge computing can harness the vast untapped data of connected devices, to generate faster insights that fuel strategic business decisions and enhance operational efficiency. However, for the continuity of operations, all devices, digital systems, and services must connect and communicate securely. And Synadia’s NATS.io – a lightweight, open source feature makes it an ideal choice to connect all devices, cloud-native applications, and microservices to better exchange data.

In a nod to building capabilities their clients will need in the near future, Sanjeev Vohra, Senior Managing Director, Growth & Strategy at Accenture Technology saysOpens a new window , “Enterprise data is increasingly being created at the edge, and the ability to securely message across the edge application landscape is critical. Powered by NATS.io, Synadia provides capabilities we believe will provide value for our clients now and in the future as edge computing accelerates.”

Derek Collison, founder, CEO of Synadia and mastermind behind NATS says, “Accenture’s investment will enable Synadia to further capitalize on its position as a leader for adaptive edge architectures and modern distributed systems.”

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