Baidu Sues Apple Over Fake Ernie Bot Apps


Leading Chinese search operator, Baidu announced the release of Ernie, a potential competitor to ChatGPT, last month. The search giant has now taken legal measures to get rid of counterfeit versions of its chatbot. Lawsuits have been filed in Beijing Haidian People’s Court against Apple and relevant app developers for the availability of fake Ernie apps on Apple’s app store.

Currently, Baidu’s Ernie bot is available to users only through request. The company has warned current users against the sharing of access codes. Furthermore, the company has confirmed the lack of an official app for the same. At present, any Ernie app in any app store is said to be counterfeit.

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AI-powered Ernie Chatbot has Capabilities Similar to GPT-4

At its launch, Baidu claimed that the Ernie chatbot had abilities similar to the GPT-4, the latest version of OpenAI’s chatbot tech. However, viewers were disappointed when, in a potential effort to steer clear of tech flaws, only a pre-recorded demonstration of Ernie’s capabilities was shown during the event instead of a real-time presentation.

This has come following an embarrassing moment for Google when the company showcased Bard with the bot giving out erroneous data during their demonstration. OpenAI’s ChatGPT, too, is prone to occasionally slip up by making up inaccurate responses when reliable data is unavailable.

Baidu says that Ernie has robust capabilities in terms of math reasoning, literary creation, multimodal generation, business writing, and Chinese language comprehension, amongst others.

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Image source: Shutterstock