Hiring for Technical Roles Get Easier: MediaOps Launches RecruitOps


RecruitOps will leverage other brands to match top, technically skilled professionals with many hard-to-fill positions in organizations of all sizes.

Jobs across the world are being reevaluated, and many are becoming redundant too. However, in every organization, there is usually a set of core functions that have technical roles. These roles drive the business or innovation, both of which are crucial. These roles are typically defined as hard-to-fill for many reasons.

PayScale’s 2019 Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) Opens a new window shared that 59% of responding organizations had positions that had been open for six months or longer. The primary reason was that the job is in high demand, but there were few people with this skill set in the talent pool. 78% of the respondents had unfilled positions due to a scarcity of qualified candidates.

Given the nature of this talent acquisition challenge, MediaOps has announced the launch of RecruitOpsOpens a new window . It will leverage brands such as DevOps.com, Security Boulevard, Container Journal, and the DevOps Institute to match top, technically skilled professionals with many hard-to-fill positions in organizations of all sizes.

RecruitOps is a specialist in matching highly skilled professionals in DevOps, Cloud Native, and Cybersecurity, with large enterprises and venture-backed startups. It will be able to use MediaOps’ unique market position, and its experienced recruiters are subject matter experts in these fields. They also have a greater understanding of work culture in these roles.

RecruitOps works on two aspects – candidate fitment in terms of skills and workplace culture. With a shift to remote working, the demand for technical talent is higher than before. Finding such talent and ensuring that they remain with the organization for the long term by fitting well culturally too, are the dual requirements when hiring for any role.

Working with hiring and team managers, RecruitOps’ trained professional recruiters gain insights into the culture as well. Carefully screening candidates saves hiring managers time filtering obvious mismatches. RecuritOps also maintains regular communication by working closely with candidates, HR departments, and hiring managers before, during, and after placement. It also applies recruitment fees only after clients are satisfied with the candidates who have been recommended for those roles.

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Other Players in the Technical Hiring Space

There are other platforms through which tech talent can be hired, but they bring different functionalities as compared to RecruitOps.

StackOverflowOpens a new window is primarily a virtual job board and technical talent network from across the world, specially developers. Companies can directly search, message, and save candidates and their details from this global community. The advantage is that recruiters can get clear insights into technologies and projects that individuals on the platform have worked on or are working on right now. This serves as a way to assess fitment.

GitHubOpens a new window works similarly to StackOverflow and allows for posting jobs as well as directly searching for talent using the right set of keywords.

IBM CommunityOpens a new window is another such network that organizations can find technical talent with the requisite skills.

Companies that don’t use technical hiring platforms or want to search on their own, will need to use the right set of assessment tools. eSkillOpens a new window provides a range of subject-based assessments to evaluate knowledge and skills and cognitive abilities to test their thought process.

MettlOpens a new window helps companies looking for tech talent by providing a massive repository of assessments for back-end, front-end, and full-stack skills to measure code correctness, time, and space complexity. Its tests are focused on engineering talent and software development skills, including programming languages that cover JavaScript, Java, SQL, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python, and many others.

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According to the Bureau of Labor StatisticsOpens a new window , employment in the computer and information technology space is expected to grow by 12% by 2028. This is a good indicator of how hiring for this sector is also likely to move. The choice of the right partner or the right assessment tools to ensure high-quality tech hiring will be the differentiator.