Can a Unified Cross-Media Solution Transform Ad Measurement Approaches? Nielsen Introduces Nielsen ONE


Nielsen ONE is expected to transform how companies measure ad and content performance across channels.

Nielsen is launching a new single, cross-media solution to drive more comparable and comprehensive metrics across platforms. Nielsen One is expected to significantly impact the $100 billion video advertising industry by offering advertisers and publishers a single metric for facilitating transactions across linear and digital environments.

The company will be introducing a single deduplicated number to provide marketers visibility into video consumption in a platform or device-agnostic approach. So, regardless of the devices or platform a video is viewed on, marketers will get a single measurement of unique audiences, which will improve their ability to understand consumption trends. Without duplication and inflated metrics, marketers will have access to higher-quality and accurate data while minimizing advertising waste. Nielsen ONE is also expected to underpin the company’s ad tech solutions.

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“With the rapidly evolving landscape and on-going shifts in consumer behavior, it is no longer acceptable to take a siloed approach to our clients’ video plans,” said Doug Ray, CEO, Dentsu Media. “Cross-media measurement is paramount to maximize reach across platforms with the right frequency. We are encouraged by Nielsen’s commitment to a single measurement solution and unified framework that will drive comparability across TV and digital video so that our clients can better allocate dollars and maximize ROI.”

How Does Nielsen ONE Change the Game for Advertisers?

Nielsen ONE represents the company’s pivot to providing more flexible measurement solutions designed to help brands adapt to the future of addressable measurement. The company plans to replace its parallel cross-media ratings platform in the fourth quarter of 2022, which will provide metrics at sub-minute intervals for individual ads and content, offering marketers better comparability and expansive campaign reporting. Nielsen is positioning the measurement as the foundation of future cross-media buying and selling processes and a natural successor to current TV and digital ad measurement.

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The company has started integrating its technology platform to makes its measurement solutions more interoperable, scalable, and flexible. This helps the company solve for its cross-media measurement and embrace a “ONE” mindset to transform its panels, platforms, and products.

  • ONE Platform: Nielsen’s unified cloud platform allows easy integration and standardization of big data sets, including automatic content recognition (ACR) data and return path data (RPD), as well as direct integrations with digital platforms and CTV providers. It will also be powered by a flexible tech stack enabling large scale models by leveraging machine learning techniques and algorithms to deliver comparability and consistency more quickly.
  • ONE Panel: Nielsen will bring together its flagship panels and meters into a single-source, geographically representative panel that will gather insights across multiple devices. The panel will also fuel Nielsen’s new ID resolution solution to validate audiences and deduplicate exposure across devices and channels.
  • ONE Product: Nielsen will deliver a holistic, deduplicated view of ad and content performance by simplifying its TV and digital solutions portfolio. A key component of its new solution will be the technology that measures every single ad on linear TV at the sub-minute level.

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“Any innovation that moves the needle on capturing true ROI across media, especially across platforms to create consistency in reporting so people are not grading their own homework, gets a thumbs up from IPG Mediabrands. We look forward to holding all media to the same standards of performance accountability and transparency as a result of Nielsen’s new product,” said Daryl Lee, global CEO, IPG Mediabrands.