Facebook Ads Will Limit Its Ad Volume Per Page From February 2021


Facebook announces new ad limits per page to help advertisers reduce cost and improve ad performance.

Facebook yesterday, rolled outOpens a new window new ad limits’ guide for advertisers from February 2021 through Summer 2021. The ad-limiter available to all advertisers is a part of the platform’s attempt to help advertisers reduce costs and improve ad performance. The social media platform also released a tier-wise ad limit guide to encourage advertisers of different sizes to use an ad volume per page that optimizes their performance.

“When an advertiser runs too many ads at once, each ad delivers less often. This means that fewer ads exit the learning phase, and more budget is spent before the delivery system can optimize performance. We discovered that four in ten running ads fail to exit the learning phase, and many of these ads come from advertisers running too many ads at the same time. For this reason, we are implementing a limit on the number of ads each page can run at once,” explained Facebook in a blog postOpens a new window .

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Facebook Ad Volume Tier Guide

The social network made this move to help advertisers achieve more predictable, stable, and optimized results. The ads delivery system has been designed to allow advertisers improve performance and reduce the volume of ads that advertisers need to manage. Here is the tier-wise ad limit guide, which Facebook announced earlier.

Advertiser Size Ad Limits Per Page
Small to medium sized Pages (advertising <$100K in their highest spending month in the last 12 months) 250 ads
Medium to large sized Pages (advertising $100K to $1M in their highest spending month in the last 12 months) 1,000 ads
Larger Pages (advertising $1M to $10M in their highest spending month in the last 12 months) 5,000 ads
Largest Pages (advertising >$10M in their highest spending month in the last 12 months)  20,000 ads

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Will Limiting Facebook Ads Lead to High Performance for Advertisers?

According to the company, since each ad’s performance improves the more it is shown, advertisers of different sizes should use different ad volumes to improve ad performance. Many advertisers rely on Facebook’s new machine learning-driven products to personalize ads today. Dynamic formats and ad creative allow advertisers to automatically customize, copy, and create a single ad according to its best format for a given impression. These ads offer two benefits:

  • Deliver a personalized version of your ad to everyone who sees it.
  • Create more relevant, personalized ads at scale.

Source: Facebook

In October 2019, Facebook had published a new Ad Volume API to help advertisers understand the number of ads they are running and prepare for the ads limit guide. While it is yet to come out with capabilities that curb political ads or reduce misinformation and interferenceOpens a new window , ad limit is certainly a welcome move.

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