Martech Roundup Part 1, March 2021: IAB and PwC Report Shows Pressing Challenges Marketers Face and More


This is the mid-month martech roundup of the top product launches, surveys, and M&A activities in March 2021.

As we head into March, two key considerations continue to dominate the priority list of brands and businesses — data privacy/security, and customer personalization. This is evidenced by the organizations’ product launches and survey reports.

For example, Google announced that it would not use alternate tracking IDs once third-party cookies were removed. Similarly, a survey report by Cheetah Digital showed that while many consumers like personalized offers and content, they prefer personalization from the data they provide and not location tracking or cookie-based ads.

Here is the complete list of product launches, updates, and announcements in the first half of March 2021.

Top Martech Product Updates in March 2021

Google will not use alternate tracking IDs once cookies are phased out

Recently, Google announced that once the third-party cookies are entirely phased out, it will not develop any alternate identifiers to track people as they browse across the web. The company also made it clear that it will not use alternate identifiers in its products. Read the complete blog hereOpens a new window .

TrustArc launches PrivacyCentral to manage the organization’s privacy journey

TrustArc recently announced the launch of PrivacyCentral, a data intelligence center that will provide a single-entry point to manage a company’s privacy journey at all phases. PrivacyCentral will simplify the creation and management of privacy programs. It will eliminate the dependence on repetitive compliance processes when a new regulation is introduced. Read the complete press release hereOpens a new window .

Progress announces the latest release of Progress® Sitefinity® DXP

Progress launched the latest release of Progress® Sitefinity® digital experience platform (DXP), Sitefinity 13.3. With this release, Progress will provide long-term support for Sitefinity, giving customers extended support of four or more years. The release also offers several other additional features. Read the complete press release hereOpens a new window .

Sourcepoint releases ‘Privacy Lens’ to drive privacy-first advertising transactions

Sourcepoint recently announced the launch of Privacy Lens, a privacy measurement and analytics platform, to provide compliance and data ethics visibility for advertisers. The platform allows advertisers to set their own data privacy parameters and assess inventory sources to ensure that their messages appear only in environments they deem suitable, compliant, and brand safe. Read the complete release hereOpens a new window .

Top Martech Surveys and Reports in March 2021

When it came to industry research and surveys, a few key findings besides data privacy and personalization emerged. A joint report by IAB and PwC showed that consumers increasingly expect brands to address social issues. Following are a few studies and surveys in March.

Cheetah Digital survey shows consumers are uncomfortable with cookie-fueled ads

Cheetah Digital recently conducted a 30-point survey of more than 5,000 consumers across six countries in association with eConsultancy and released the Digital Consumer Trends Index 2021 report. A key finding of the survey was that most consumers like to receive personalized content and offers. They are also willing to share their personal and preference data. However, they prefer personalization to come from the data they have provided and not location tracking or cookie-based ads as they find them creepy. Access the complete report hereOpens a new window .

New Merkle report on loyalty shows the power of reward programs

Merkle recently released its 2021 Loyalty Barometer Report, which analyzes how consumers feel about loyalty and reward programs. One key finding of the report is that customers are most comfortable when brands utilize purchase history and engagement to enhance loyalty experience. The report also shows that earning points for rewards is still the favorite loyalty program structure. You can check the complete analysis and findings hereOpens a new window .

IAB and PwC joint report urges digital ecosystem to reset consumer value exchange

An Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) commissioned PwC report was released earlier this month. The IAB Outlook: 2021 Digital Ad Ecosystem report provides valuable insights into the pressing challenges marketers face. According to the report, one key trend is that the traditional value exchange of free content in exchange for seeing ads is losing value. People are used to consuming content without interruption. At the same time, privacy concerns also continue to rise. Access the complete report hereOpens a new window .

GlobalWebIndex releases consumers trends report 2021

GlobalWebIndex interviewed over 700,000 internet users globally in the age group of 16-64 and released the Connecting the Dots 2021 report. A key finding of the interview is that more consumers expect brands to promote and practice social responsibility. More than just donations, people want to see brands care. About 56% of the respondents expect brands to support people during COVID-19, while 51% expect organizations to be eco-friendly. Download the report hereOpens a new window to learn about other key consumer trends in 2021.

Top Mergers and Acquisitions in March 2021

The importance of data privacy, security, and digital customer experience echoed in the mergers and acquisitions in the martech landscape. Brave acquired Tailcat to become the industry’s first privacy-preserving alternative to Google. The following are a couple of significant mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the martech landscape.

Brave acquires Tailcat to offer the first private alternative to Google Search and Google Chrome

Brave recently announced the acquisition of the open-source search engine Tailcat. Tailcat will become the foundation of Brave Search and Brave browser, which will be the industry’s first independent, privacy-preserving alternative to Google Search and Google Chrome. Read more about the announcement hereOpens a new window .

Medallia announces acquisition of Decibel, a digital experience analytics company

Medallia announced that it had entered a definitive agreement to acquire Decibel, a company that offers digital experience analytics solutions. With this deal, Medallia’s customer experience and engagement platform will include always-on, unsolicited digital feedback. It will provide a single view of customers and potential customers at different points of their journey across different channels. Read more about the acquisition hereOpens a new window .

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