Seismic Launches Workspace, The Virtual Collaboration Platform for Sales Teams


New product feature closes the loop for Seismic, with platform capabilities that now span the entire content lifecycle

San Diego – Seismic, the enterprise-grade sales enablement solution, today announced the launch of Workspace, a one-of-a-kind virtual forum where sales teams can collaborate on content more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The cloud-enabled platform allows sales teams to collectively gather and store relevant content from both inside and outside the Seismic platform, fine-tune and annotate presentation materials, and share and access content on any device, online or offline.

“Collaboration on content is an inherent element of sales,” said Doug Winter, CEO of Seismic. “No sales enablement solution can really be considered ‘complete’ unless it supports collaboration. With the addition of Workspace to our other core capabilities, Seismic is once again setting the industry benchmark for an ‘end-to-end’ sales enablement solution.”

With Seismic, enterprise marketing teams have been able to leverage next-generation automation and data intelligence to organize, create, and distribute content for maximum efficiency, unlimited scalability, and flawless self-service customization by sales teams. Workspace simultaneously bolsters and complements these capabilities via robust sales collaboration features which include the ability to review and provide feedback on documents and presentations via annotated comments and content mark-up. Additionally, Workspace offers video annotation, allowing team members to provide frame-by-frame commentary, audio feedback, and presentation coaching.

Through Seismic’s mobile apps, sales team members will be able to take advantage of Workspace from their smartphone and tablets, and offline sync functionality allows sales reps to make updates even when they are out of range – such as in a client location with poor connection. This includes uploading content from outside the Seismic platform through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, ensuring that sales teams can easily share all relevant and useful information in one central location.

By keeping sales collaboration entirely within one transparent platform, the benefits of Workspace reach beyond sales, as enterprise marketing teams can now be ensured that sales won’t develop their own, off-branded content. Workspace also provides marketing with unprecedented insight into how sales engage with and personalize the content they create.

“With the launch of Workspace, Seismic is the only sales enablement platform with every essential capability in place now,” said Winter. “For the enterprises that have realized the benefits of exceptional sales content and are seeking a comprehensive solution from a stable vendor with a proven track record, Seismic is the answer.”