The SMB Digital Transformation Story: Samsung Adds AppStack to the Mix


Samsung’s latest cloud software marketplace, AppStack, will enable SMBs to search, purchase, and manage business-suitable apps at an affordable price and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

The soaring popularity of cloud adoption is an indication that cloud computing is ubiquitous and can accelerate business transformation seamlessly, irrespective of company size. With a plethora of benefits ranging from scalability, flexibility to easier collaboration and reduced IT infrastructure capital expenditures, cloud computing has not just helped small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to stay competitive in the crowded tech market, but often even punch above their weight. There has been a significant rise in global public cloud annual spend, with 56% of SMBs in 2020Opens a new window having spent up to $600,000 a year on the public cloud compared to 51% of SMBs in 2019. The novel COVID-19Opens a new window has also attributed to the spike in cloud spending; infact, the pandemic has catalyzed and expedited the digital transformation journey for several SMBs.

With an eye on this growing adoption of cloud services, Samsung unveiled AppStack, a marketplace for cloud-based software, to accelerate the digitization of SMBs. The cloud marketplace will be available by the end of summer 2020.

Taher Behbehani, Head of the Mobile B2B Division, SVP and General Manager, Samsung Electronics America, saysOpens a new window , “Today, SMBs are navigating a new business landscape that has been completely upended. Many see this as an opportunity to adapt their business, and business software will play an integral role in continued transformation. The launch of AppStack is just the beginning, as we look to enable companies with limited IT resources to modernize quickly so they can focus on what matters most– their business.”

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While Samsung is known for its consumer electronics business, it also supports SMBs across different industries with innovative B2B solutions. Initially, the AppStack idea surfaced at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2019 to bridge the app gap in the B2B market. As the technology landscape is highly dynamic with constant changes in emerging technologies, it is difficult and expensive for SMBs and startups to purchase every new technology in the market. This is where cloud-based market steps in, enabling SMBs to access scalable cloud solutions to boost their business.

Major cloud computing players such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Dell, Salesforce collaborate with developers and partners to sell innovative software apps and services on their online cloud marketplaces. Currently, the cloud marketplace has become an open-source collaboration to build better and innovative apps at a cost-effective pricing model.

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Samsung’s latest offering, AppStack, will enable startups and SMBs to quickly find cost-effective business apps from trusted partners and bolster digital transformation. With AppStack, SMBs can either purchase a single app or create a bundle of apps and add mobile devices for better savings, as well as manage their app subscriptions with AppStack’s subscription service. Samsung has also partnered with Google Cloud to support SMBs with productivity, collaboration, and project management tools.

Kevin O’Kane, Managing Director, Scaled Partnerships at Google Cloud, says, “The need for SMBs to support agility, mobility and remote work has accelerated, and deploying G Suite via AppStack gives these important businesses a new, seamless way to leverage our cloud collaboration and productivity solutions.”

Some of the additional partners include signNow, Paymo, and Time Tracker by Ebillity.

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