Top 10 Digital Customer Experience (CX) Software Platforms For 2020


A digital customer experience software platform is defined as a technology solution that helps businesses manage, measure and improve on the overall digital experience customers have with a company.

Delivering great digital customer experience across channels and customer lifecycle stages, requires a strong technology stack for data collection, management and analysis. To help you achieve your customer experience goals, this article brings to you a list of top 10 digital customer experience (CX) software platforms for 2020!

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What Is Digital Customer Experience (CX) Software Platform?

A digital customer experience software platform is a technology solution that allows businesses to measure, manage and improve digital customer experience, by collecting information about each customer’s interactions with the company, analyzing it and interpreting outcomes and responses. There are options of digital customer experience software platforms both on-cloud and on-premise, with each one having their pros and cons.

Often compared with customer relationship management (CRM) software, a digital customer experience (CX) software is a level up in its ability to leverage customer insights for recommending actionable improvements in the digital customer journey – either at an individual or organizational level.

On an individual level, a digital CX software can guide CX transformation through tracking individual customer behavior online, and by raising red flags in a customer journey, wherever possible, leveraging predictive analytics to suggest personalized digital experience solutions for customer retention.

On an organizational level, CX software studies customer journeys to track patterns and identify larger problem areas or loopholes within the organization that may be affecting the overall digital customer experience journey, allowing CX professionals to plan and execute internal procedural transformations for better customer experience.

With a variety of software platforms offering different feature sets to choose from, it’s a tough call for marketers today. Let us take a look at some key considerations for marketers looking to decide on a digital CX software platform.

Key Considerations For Choosing A Digital CX Software Platform

With features such as online survey management, data analytics, predictive analytics, ticketing, journey mapping and so on, there are a host of digital CX software platforms available now. Before you jump into deciding a digital CX software that fits your business best, here are a few key considerations or questions you should be able to clearly answer for your brand:

  1. What is your purpose or end goal for implementing a digital CX software – Do you simply want to monitor and improve upon the performance of your customer-facing teams and systems? or is it a specific area of concern with respect to customer satisfaction, that you want to find more details about?
  2. What kind of surveys or rating scales would you want to deploy?
  3. Are the surveys customizable to your business?
  4. Does the software offer analytics and reporting along with customer feedback collection and management capabilities?
  5. How easy is the software to install or integrate with your existing systems?
  6. How easy or difficult is it to install or integrate software updates, if any?
  7. What is the service reputation of the software provider?

Once you have answered these questions for your business, you will have a clear idea of the kind of service provider and the feature sets you to need to look for in the digital customer experience (CX) software platform. To make your hunt a little easier, here are the top 10 digital CX platforms for you to choose from.

Top 10 Digital CX Software Platforms For 2020

We understand how important your digital CX strategy is to your business and also how difficult it is to choose the right software platform. Hence, we compiled a list of the top 10 digital CX software platforms for 2020 to suit your business size and other customer journey specific requirements. The listing is presented in alphabetical order and has been compiled keeping in mind largely the requirements of mid-to-large companies. Here you go!

1. Adobe Experience Manager

A part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager is a comprehensive Digital Marketing solution that allows you to create a powerful enterprise toolkit that includes web analytics, paid advertising management or the ability to A/B test digital content. It is an open and extensible solution with features such as Customer Location Mapping, Customer Data Platform, Data Governance and so on.

Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Experience Platform together create the Customer Data Platform. It also provides the services of Identity Service and GDPR Service. Moreover, its open architecture allows you to easily integrate it with your existing enterprise software systems. It supports various platforms from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone/iPad, and is well suited to teams of any size and for any industry.

Please rank alphabetically. Always add an intro line that leads to the listicle, you can include this fact that it’s ordered alphabetically. Also, mention a disclaimer – that this listing is done keeping in mind the requirements of mid-to-large companies.

2. Clarabridge

Clarabridge is a text analytics and customer experience management software that allows you to capture feedback from any channel like voice recordings, agent notes, chat logs, or social media. It can work with both structured and unstructured customer data. It is an AI backed tool and can capture interaction from any medium. It is one of the best solutions for social listening, media analytics, media management, media reporting tools, speech analytics, surveys, and text analytics. It also provides advanced sentiment analysis and offers real-time email alerts when data suggests and anomalies in customer experience.

3. ClickTale

A web-based solution that can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad, ClickTale is even integrated with Google Analytics. It provides you with heatmaps and visitors’ session recordings that let you visualize customer behavior and how people experience your website on desktop, tablet and mobile. Through Google Analytics you can identify users from the segment you want to learn more about and then use ClickTale integration to watch their complete browsing sessions and investigate behavior patterns. It offers enterprise-level scalability along with data-rich visualizations.

4. IBM Tealeaf

This AI-powered, cloud-based Customer Experience Management software for enterprises comes with features that let you create dynamic content, connect with customers, improve collaboration and leverage analytics. Through this software, you can track how users interact with your mobile sites or apps.

It offers advanced filtering, allowing you to retrieve a specific mobile session based on the device parameters, HTTP or observed events. It can help you improve customer value by creating behavior-based marketing segments. Its unique replayability (a page-by-page, browser-level recording of the actual customer experience) allows you to quickly diagnose and fix the problems causing poor online experiences. It offers both ready-to-use and customizable reports and dashboards.

5. Medallia

Medallia is a cloud-based CX platform that offers features for data collection, benchmarking, customer recovery, and data integration. It can provide detailed insights in real-time through its features of interactive analytics, Text analytics and Push Reporting. Additionally, it offers functionalities for Media sharing and Mobile feedback. It is well suited for most sectors from financial services, retail, public sector and telecom to B2B companies. It allows you to collect feedback from almost any device which is connected to the internet.

6. OpenText

Good for businesses of any size, OpenText provides a set of integrated customer experience management solutions. It can deliver personalized content and customer engagement. The solution is capable of customer behavior analytics and interactions. It can be deployed on-premises or on-cloud and can be used on any device. It offers web content and customer communications management and lets you automate the forms. It also offers features for Digital Asset Management and Workforce Optimization.

7. Qualtrics

Suits businesses of all sizes and scales. The software is popular for its surveys, research and experience management. Qualtrics offers intelligent features such as Text IQ, Stats IQ, and Predict IQ. It can be easily integrated with your existing tools as well. It provides functionalities for form building, multi-channel surveys, and data analytics. It has options of platforms for managing customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. Its platforms can perform closed-loop follow up and allow other features such as digital CX, customer analytics and customer retention.

8. Satmetrix

Satmetrix offers surveys with advanced capabilities, such as segmenting by location, industry or product. For enterprise clients, it provides a private virtual cloud with enhanced support. It helps you understand the connection between customer behavior and business outcome, through its automated analytics and even lets you directly publish positive client feedback on social media.

9. Zendesk

One of the most popular CX software platforms, Zendesk is trusted by businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. It lets you build a help desk, call center, and live chat software for better customer relationships. From email, phone and chat to social media, the platform combines all the channels through which customers interact with businesses nowadays. Through its all-encompassing platform, Zendesk enables you to create more meaningful, personalized and productive relationships with customers. It offers a host of features including analytics, customer segmentation, feedback management, knowledge management, survey management, multi-channel data collection, predictive analytics, sentiment analysis and more along with a user-friendly dashboard for a unified view.

10. Zoho CRM Plus

While Zoho offers a range of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, Zoho CRM Plus is a unified platform that helps businesses provide enhanced customer experiences through streamlined administration, omnichannel customer engagement, social media marketing, powerful analytics, built-in AI, intelligent chatbots and more. It allows free trials after which it is available at a starting price of $60/month/user. It offers other customer experience features such as analytics, customer segmentation, survey management, predictive analytics, sentiment analysis and more.