Top 5 Budget Recommendation Engines to Personalize Customer Experience


Recommendation engines are crucial in providing a personalized experience to every visitor and customer. With recommendation engines being the talk of the town in the latest CX trends, we look at the top five budget recommendation engines that you can avail.

What are recommendation engines, you ask? **Recommendation engines are AI-driven tools that improve customer experience by providing personalized product and content suggestions.** Recommendation engines are built by using collaborative filtering or content-based filtering algorithms. Sometimes they are built by using both the algorithms to develop a hybrid recommendation engine.

**Using past purchases, browsing patterns, interests, and the preferences of a user, recommendation engines can suggest products, personalize website experience, reduce cart abandonment while providing a great customer experience.**

You must have seen one of the following categories when browsing an e-commerce website:

  • Our Best Sellers this Week/Month
  • Recommendations Exclusively for You
  • Recommendations by Category
  • Customers Who Bought Product X Also Bought Product Y
  • You Might Also be Interested in This
  • Recommendations Based on Your Recent Purchases
  • What Others Are Looking at Right Now
  • Person A from City B Recently Bought Product X

These are a few examples of recommendation engines in action.

Social media platforms primarily use **Recommendation engines, e-commerce, e-learning, online gaming, music streaming, video streaming websites with an intention to increase conversions, sales or time spent on the website.**

With recommendation engines being one of the major customer experience trends, let’s look at the top five budget recommendation engines to help you deliver a personalized CX.

Top 5 Budget Recommendation Engines


You can use the Recombee recommendation engine to deliver a personalized experience through recommendations based on the user behavior. Recombee is not confined exclusively to e-commerce, it can be implemented in domains such as real estate, classifieds, job boards, apps, videos, events to name a few. Along with onsite recommendations, Recombee also offers mail and push notifications.

Recombee is free to use for active users up to 20,000 and recommendation requests up to 100,000 per month. The paid plans start at $99/per month with additional features such as customer support and mail communication.

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Recolize lets you place recommendation carousels on different pages of your website. It can be used to recommend items such as products, articles, news, images, etc. With Recolize, you can recommend products based on the user’s browsing history, past purchases and users who purchased similar products (collaborative filtering). Recolize offers plugins for PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and WordPress.

Recolize is free for the first 300 clicks on the recommendations generated by it, and after that, it is 0.039 EUR per click. So, for every 1000 clicks, you’ll essentially be paying approximately 36 EUR (41 USD).

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YuspifyOpens a new window brands itself as a Personalization as a Service for eCommerce product. It collects and understands user behavior through clicks, preferences, cart abandonment, orders, etc. Yuspify’s personalization engine – Yusp processes this information. With the help of its recommendation widgets placed on the homepage, category, product, and cart pages, you can personalize the user journey. You can further A/B test the recommendation algorithms to measure their effectiveness.

Yuspify’s pricing plans start at $29 per month, and they additionally charge a certain percent (3% to begin with) of your revenue generated through Yuspify’s recommendations.

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BarillianceOpens a new window offers different e-commerce personalization products with recommendation system at its core. You can send cart abandonment emails to your visitors with product recommendations or retain existing customers through social media or mobile push notifications. Its web personalization suite consists of sophisticated tools allowing you to display dynamic content or recommendations to each visitor based on their traffic source, location, device, social media attributes, etc.

Barilliance’s pricing plans start at $250 per month.

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NostoOpens a new window ‘s personalization suite consists of onsite product recommendations, content personalization, pop-ups, Facebook and Instagram ads, and personalized emails.

The onsite product recommendation feature includes product recommendations, trending products, personalized landing pages, search recommendations, and social proof.

You can get the entire suite of products with plans starting at 850 EUR per month. You can also go for individual products for 500 EUR per month.

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The products mentioned in this list give us an overview of the broad scope of recommendation engines and its different use cases. A recommendation engine is a crucial tool that helps you stay in touch with your users throughout their journey. Use this resource to start your research. Before making any purchase, be sure to either go for a trial of your shortlisted product or ask for a demo to understand if the product suits your requirement.

What recommendation engine do you use? Let us know in the comments below! And if you already use one of these, give them a shout-out on social media, by sharing this article.