Why Ad Buyers Are Raving About Programmatic Guaranteed


Programmatic guaranteed is changing the way advertisers buy ads. With its abundance of benefits, including transparency, flexibility, and efficiencies across the entire buying process with optimal security, it is unsurprising that programmatic guaranteed is primed to be the deal of the future, says Julie Réali, director, programmatic partnerships, Dailymotion.

Programmatic guaranteed has become a popular topic of conversation for both the publishers and ad buyers looking to expand programmatically but still benefit from the guarantee of direct campaigns. In fact, digital video ad investments are set to outpace pre-pandemic expectations by $6.56 billion, or about 13.4%, according to eMarketerOpens a new window . With programmatic guaranteed, ad buyers can access specific publisher audiences, have more control over the process itself, and improve their media planning, securing the opportunities they need.

Programmatic guaranteed is changing the way advertisers buy ads. It provides transparency, flexibility and efficiencies across the entire buying process with optimal security. With these benefits, it’s clear programmatic guaranteed is primed to be the deal of the future.

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 What Is Programmatic Guaranteed?

In short, programmatic guaranteed has modernized direct sales. It simplifies the direct reservations workflow by combining the precision and control of programmatic technology with an automated media buying process. In an industry that is often seen as confusing because it lacks uniform regulations, programmatic guaranteed naturally mitigates that. It helps the buying and selling of ads as it grants buyers more control over the media buying process. Ad buyers have direct access to targeted publisher audiences and premium inventory with a guaranteed number of impressions. With a fixed price and number of impressions, publishers are able to better forecast their own monetization within the ad buying space. Additionally, buyers are granted a level of transparency, while publishers must ensure all website traffic is legitimate and disclose how the third-party providers obtain the data.

Programmatic guaranteed also has the significant benefit of creating direct relationships between agencies/brands and supply-side partners (SSP). In an industry where trust is crucial for the success of campaigns, programmatic guaranteed is building key relationships that increase control and transparency for ad buyers and suppliers alike.

Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Relationships between buyers and SSPs are the foundation for how advertisers deliver their messages to the right audiences. To build relationships, publishers and ad buyers need to work more closely together. Programmatic guaranteed allows for that to happen, thus meeting the demand for transparency. With increased privacy regulations, publishers have become gatekeepers of consumer consent, thus making relationships between buyers and publishers that much more pivotal. The benefits of programmatic guaranteed are two-fold: advertisers can feel more confident about where the traffic originated and how it was obtained, and SSPs can feel more confident in curating quality traffic based on a guaranteed payment. Thus, providing a middle ground for both sides to get a fair deal based on increased transparency.

A strong relationship between ad buyers and publishers not only results in increased transparency but also lends itself to both sides being more efficient and reducing error.

Industry Demands for Transparency

There has been an increased focus on how privacy regulations like GDPR have fundamentally changed the external advertising practices, and it has a trickle-down effect on the industry internally. Since there has been a push externally, it’s only inevitable that there is a push internally for more transparency. The importance of increasing transparency in the ad buying process is crucial when talking about industry regulation guidelines. We have already started to see cookieless advertisements emerge in big tech and will continue to see how political regulation affects the industry’s practices.

Programmatic guaranteed allows advertisers to gain transparency into the cost of data, fees, legitimacy of traffic, and insight into how SSP partners are obtaining data with proper privacy compliance, which has proven critical to the future of the industry. Brand safety has become a key component of programmatic guaranteed. As programmatic guaranteed increases transparency among all parties involved, it decreases the risk of campaigns appearing in front of the wrong audience or alongside the wrong context. Advertisers now have a greater say in where the ads appear.

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What Comes Next?

Increasing transparency and building relationships between agencies/brands and SSPs is an important step forward in the industry. Through programmatic guaranteed, advertisers and SSPs have access to all the information on the buyer’s and seller’s side. They can use it to make a more calculated decision when choosing to partner with one another.

Despite the restrictions of privacy regulations, programmatic guaranteed can provide a more seamless buying experience overall. We can predict that programmatic guaranteed practices will become the standard in some capacity as the industry continues to evolve and move towards greater transparency and an increased appetite for efficiencies throughout the process.