Traffic-Generating Offline Strategies Which Enhance Online Brand Visibility


You may have created your dream website, put in your time to pick the perfect background, and developed the content with a lot of effort. But, it is not enough to simply sit back and expect site visitors to discover your website. There are certain things you can do to boost the site’s traffic. Your website in all likelihood is one of the customer’s first interaction with your business. Most business owners are familiar with the typical online strategies for driving traffic to a website, such as Google Adwords and Pay per Click Marketing. But, several offline strategies can also drive traffic to your website.

Handing out tangible objects with the brand’s logo and URL

Often the value of traditional methods of marketing are underestimated or overlooked. Learning how to use the offline strategies can be one of the best things you can do to increase traffic to your website. Interestingly, as per research, 52% of consumers have admitted that their impression of a brand is more positive when they receive a promotional product from the company. Hence, to promote your site you can make use of tangible objects which not only increase brand awareness but also drive traffic. One good idea is to hand out reusable bags with your brand’s URL and logo. A bag is a handy object which your customers will often use. As they take the bag for shopping your company’s website and brand will be displayed to the public and you can leverage the potential of this repeated advertising. Other tangible objects which work well are mugs and t-shirts. It is a great idea to wear t-shirts at local events or a job fair where you may not have the chance to talk to everyone.

Advertising your business through vehicles

Another way to reach out to the target audience is to have your vehicles splashed with the company name, info, and website. It is an easy way to inform people about your company and your website. If company ads are painted on vehicles in eye-catching colors, it may tempt the audience to Google your website. Advertising on cars are not only cost-effective but can have a strong impact on your business. First think of the audience you want to target and then plan the ad. If you are promoting professional goods or services, drive the vehicle through dense business districts. Make sure that you use the right colors and graphics to draw attention to your car. The font you use should be well-proportioned and easy-to-read so that the text is readable from a distance.

Making use of business cards, flyers and brochures

Another way you can drive people to your website is through business cards. When you meet your ideal customer at an event you can give them something to keep so that they know where to go in order to learn more about you. The back of your business card should not be blank. You may be missing out on potential traffic source. You can include a powerful message which describes your brand and a compelling call-to-action behind the business card. You can even consider printing flyers and brochures which may seem a little old fashioned in the digital age but may prove to be an effective means of driving traffic to your website. The flyers and brochures can be distributed at workshops and local events. However, it is necessary that you stand out from the crowd. Make sure that you add a compelling copy to the flyer or a brochure and make customers visit your site. They should include a strong call-to-action, your company’s name and logo and the website’s address. This will encourage the audience to take action instead of discarding the flyer or the brochure. The flyers and brochures which you print should have the same theme, overall look and style as your website for consistency. This not only improves brand recognition and visibility but also differentiates your business from the competitors.

Using print ads which have retained their importance

It may be surprising but print ads too have retained their place in the digital world. Although you may not be able to fit in as much information as you can in a flyer or a brochure, you can still include enough to motivate the audience and drive website traffic. While crafting the ad, it is essential that you make efficient use of space which is available. Take into account the size of the ad, the frequency or how many times the ad will be included, and the placement of the ad in the publication. You may choose between a colored or a black-and-white ad.  It is essential to include a call to action and the company URL. You also need to ensure that the ad copy has clarity and is succinct. It has been seen that small fonts do not work as well as large, bold text. After seeing your ad, it must be easy for people to act. Finding out further information about your company should not be a challenge.

Hosting lectures and seminars

You can gain an advantage over your counterparts by proving that you have an authority in your field. Be proactive about hosting seminars and lectures. In case you hold a presentation, make sure that you add your web address to each page of the presentation. Add the URL to the last page along with the contact information. You can educate the audience on topics which are related to the company’s operations. You can organize contests and give out your products and services as prizes. Giving out gifts can also prove effective. Say for instance your business provides computer repairs. You could donate a gift certificate of a 2 hour repair to a local non-profit organization. This will show your commitment to the community.

Attending events and networking

Additionally, you can consider attending events which help you foster and strengthen relationships with the target audience. It is a good opportunity to impact those in the physical world. When you attend an event make sure that you immerse yourself and take a proactive approach instead of sitting on the sidelines. Events are the perfect places where you can get your brand’s presence felt. Make sure that you network at these events. Although social networking sites are popular, in-person events are a powerful way to stand out in the potential customer’s mind. Seize every opportunity which you get to speak.

Writing articles for publications

To catch the attention of the potential customers, you can write an article for regular publications such as magazines or newspapers. Ensure that your URL features in the article. This way you can get millions to notice your website address. Do not forget to write press releases for the events which you conduct. In the past, it has been seen that getting press releases on events spreads a word about the brand faster. Be careful while selecting the topic of the article. The theme should resonate with your audience and you should be able to spread the brand message with success. Headlines are the first things which readers see. Your article’s headline should catch the readers’ attention and dramatically increase the views which your article receives. Not only should your article be rich in content but also must address your niche. If you include hard-to-get content in your article, it will establish that you are an expert in your field. After you finish the article, write a short bio towards the end about your business along with a link to your site.

Leverage the power of television advertising

One of the most influential offline resources is the media. Through television advertising, you can attract visitors to your website. There are three types of advertising you can choose among; informative advertising, persuasive advertising, and reminder advertising. Informative advertising is mostly used to launch a new product to a group of customers or give the audience information about what a new product does. The main objective is to capture interest. Persuasive advertising aims to motivate people to make a purchase, change brands. You can consider highlighting the benefits of a product. Finally, reminder advertising is about reassuring people who already know about your brand. However, before you invest in an advertising campaign, you need to have a strong understanding of the audience.

Completing the circle

Both offline and online marketing work together. You can use the offline techniques to supplement the online marketing efforts which will make your firm’s marketing strategy more robust. Combining both the approaches will bring your marketing efforts to a full circle and will draw more attention to your brand. As you adopt offline branding strategy to boost the online visibility and drive web trafficOpens a new window , make sure that you maintain a consistent brand identity which will help you build customer loyalty and trust.