AI Marketing & Sales Solutions

Unified Data Analytics Solutions

Revolutionize your marketing & sales process by implementing AI-powered solutions for customer segmentation and analysis, content creation and optimization, personalized user experience and streamlined workflows.

Areas of Expertise

Leverage our expertise to speed up your digital transformation, reduce ad costs and enhance your customer experience with top-notch AI technologies.

Data Analytics: Better Conversions with User-Centric Reporting

Looking for a way to increase your conversion rates and review marketing metrics, forecast campaign performance, and manage the entire marketing budget with ease? Apply Big data analytics to your business for complex customer data analysis.

Audience analysis, segmentation and personalized ad targeting
Real-time user behavior patterns analysis and predictive analytics
Marketing metrics tracking and next best action
Automated competitive analysis
Smart content analysis

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Advertising Spend Optimization

Impact your marketing and advertising spend by implementing smart data analytics solutions.

  • Centralized ad management
  • Ad inventory audit: ad descriptors and metrics
  • Campaign metrics and revenue forecasting
  • Recommendations to increase campaign performance
  • Automated ad generation
  • Automated budget allocation across multiple channels
  • Cross-channel ad performance tracking
  • Automated bid adjustments
  • Data-driven attribution modeling
  • Customizable unified reporting
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Predictive Analytics: Personalized Advertising

Earn your customers’ trust and loyalty by proving how well you understand them. Equip your digital marketing with AI technology to segment the audience and identify potential customers. Through front-line customer data analysis, creating eye-catching targeted advertisements and content recommendations, you can achieve reduced ad spending, increased revenue, a higher engagement, and conversion rates.

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NLP for Sentiment Analysis

AI-driven NLP services open the door for your company to scale the sentiment tracking process on web pages and social media, which opens access to insights on huge amounts of information without delay. With this data and the use of artificial intelligence in marketing, you can track current trends and alter your services for high-rate and profitable advertising solutions.

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Predictive Analytics: Product Price Optimization’s

Optimism your prices to set optimal prices for your customers and keep your profit margins. Implement AI-led price optimization’s to free up your team from monotonous work and switch to high-level customer-focused decision making.

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How It Can Benefit Your Business

We unlock the power of AI in the E-commerce industry.

Great Customer Experience
Simplified customer experiences for great brand reputation and increased conversions.

Customer Personalization
Relevant offers and recommendations that resonate with each of your customers.

Increased Sales
More profits out of analytical insights.

Exceptional Performance and Data Safety
Real-time anomaly detection for your online store.

Our Services

Improve your customer journey with our AI custom solutions – big data analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning, computer vision, NLP – all at your fingerprints to create more effective customer touchpoints.

We are ready to consult you on the strategy for upgrading and enriching your business with AI focusing on your goals and values.

AI-Powered Marketing Software
Experienced with marketing firms, our team targets your needs during the development of high-performing AI-based solutions.

Predictive Analytics Solutions for Marketing and Advertising Firms
Our team can assist you in developing accurate and state-of-the-art predictive analytics solutions catered to your business’ specifics and needs.

Have an Upper Hand with Leveraging AI Software Development for Marketing

We are ready to help you add value to your business with AI software development for reliable marketing solutions. You can give up guesswork with our predictive analytics technology for precise data-driven forecasts and better communication with your clients. Automate business processes to reduce marketing expenses and increase client satisfaction.

Customer Segmentation
Target potential customers and provide them with customized offers, increasing conversion rates.

Customer Churn Prediction
Get the business back on track by identifying potential root causes of customer churn and retaining the loyalty of customers.

Personalized User Experiences
We’ve embraced predictive analytics to enable personalized advertisements by targeting each specific client.

Sentiment Analysis
Our cutting-edge NLP solutions deliver real-time data-driven sentiment analysis to stay in tune with current trends and your customer’s preferences.

Product Demand Forecasting
We build custom demand forecasting models that can reduce inventory and boost service levels based on accumulated data.

Automated Routine Tasks
Automate and upgrade mundane processes letting your customer service agents and data science experts focus on complex tasks.

Why Partner with ESSID Solutions?

What makes us your perfect healthcare IT solutions provider? We have an excellent repute in implementing artificial intelligence in healthcare organizations and we’re always ready to address your business challenges.

20 + Experts

Our data scientists and engineers are shaping modern medical technologies. We’re experienced in digital healthcare and MedTech solution development.


We stay on top of the industry trends. We understand the needs of our clients and aid them with AI-based solutions that solve their problems.


We prioritize our clients. Our goal is to help them reach new heights by innovating their businesses with AI.


AI Marketing & Sales Solutions

Unified Data Analytics Solutions Revolutionize your marketing & sales process by implementing AI-powered solutions for customer segmentation and analysis, content creation and optimization, personalized user experience and streamlined workflows. Areas of Expertise Leverage our expertise to speed up your digital transformation, reduce ad costs and enhance your customer experience with top-notch AI technologies. Data Analytics: … Read more

Custom AI Solutions for E-commerce

Areas of Expertise Our expertise to improve online shopping experiences and increase conversions. Computer Vision for Better Customer Experiences Integrate computer vision solutions for E-commerce to outperform your competitors and let your users shop with a camera. Enable AI-based visual search in your e-store for seamless shopping experience. Automated Image detection and classification allow for … Read more

AI-Powered Sports and Wellness Solutions

Areas of Expertise Using Artificial Intelligence to address sports and wellness challenges. Pose Estimation for Personalized Real-time Feedback Want to speed up the healing with physical therapy? Enable human pose estimation in hospital settings. Modernizing your practice with AI, patients stay injury-free and get personalized real-time feedback to optimize physical activity. AI wellness solutions guarantee … Read more

Intelligent Healthcare Analytics and AI in Pharma

Biotech Digital Transformation We will lead a successful digital transformation of your business, so you’ll easily meet new challenges and mitigate future risks. Stage 1: Data Lake Creation Stage 2: Ingestion and Data Quality Check Stage 3: Processing, ML and Analysis Stage 4: Visualization and Reports Areas of Expertise Unlocking the power of AI for … Read more

Customer Success

We’ve been leveraging AI in healthcare organizations since 2014. Take a look at some of the most prominent projects we’ve created for our clients from the healthcare industry.

Marketing Campaign Performance Optimization

Key Details Ad management unified and optimized. Challenge Unified cross-channel ad management & optimization Solution Integrated ads management, optimization & forecasting AWS: RDS (Maria DB), EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, VPC, Cloud Formation, SNS, SQS, AWS Batch, Amazon SageMaker, Lambda, Route53 Back-end: Java, Spring Boot, REST, MySQL, Python, Docker Front-end: React, React-router v4, Redux, Redux-sagas, I18next … Read more
OCR-Based Solution to Retrieve Data from Receipts

OCR-Based Solution to Retrieve Data from Receipts

Key Details Improved the efficiency of back-office workflows by 42%. Challenge Information extraction from receipts using machine learning Solution OCR-based solution for processing semi-structured data from receipts Technologies and tools OpenCV, Python, C++, ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK Client The Client is a provider of personalized solutions in the field of banking and finance. The Client’s … Read more

Full-Cycle Web Application Development for a Retail Company

Key Details Retail shrink decreased by 35%. Challenge Website development and effective inventory management Solution Online retail website development with predictive analytics module integration Technologies and tools JavaScript, .NET, Predictive Analytics Client The client is a medium-sized retail company in Europe. With strict lockdowns becoming the new normal and the cutthroat competition between retailers, they … Read more

Investment Data Management Solution with AWS Cloud Environment

Key Details End-to-end investment data solution to deliver value to investment data management. Challenge Investment data management solution using unstructured data and web app development from scratch Solution Data entry templates & pipeline on AWS Cloud environment for integration with a web app Technologies and tools Cloud environment AWS, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS Lambda … Read more

Intelligent AI Cooking Assistant

Key Details Hands-free, voice activated & interactive recipe builder. Challenge Hands-free, voice controlled cooking app Solution Intelligent AI voice assistant app for hands-free cooking Technologies and tools Custom Speech2Text (wav2vec2 fine-tuning), Google Cloud speech API, Apple Speech Kit, speech data augmentation, AI Voice Assistant, Voice Activation, Voice Intent Classification, Recipes Text Parsing (Named Entity Recognition … Read more
ML and NLP Models For Marketing & Advertising

ML and NLP Models For Marketing & Advertising

Key Details Enhanced consumer behavior prediction up to 89%. Challenge Analyze data and discover marketing insights faster Solution Machine learning models for marketing & advertising Technologies and tools Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing Client The client is a global beauty company with a focus on natural artisanal products. They are popular among clients … Read more